What’s a Nearly Elderly Report?



I read a few years back that the government considers anyone between the ages of 57 and 62 to be “nearly elderly”.  Kinda like a geriatric ‘tween’.

We’re not old enough for Social Security or Medicare but we’re too old to be considered part of marketers’ demographic.  Heck, we don’t even get the Buick commercials anymore (except to be the ones to say “that doesn’t look like a Buick”).

But many of the “nearly elderly” are raising grandchildren or have adult children living with them and/or taking care of elderly parents.  In so many ways, we are in need of an entire array of needs and services from Pampers to Depends – Gerber to Ensure.  And most of us are still working.  Yet we are overlooked by most advertisers.

So, this site is to showcase all the wonderful things out there that perhaps you, fellow nearly elderly person (NEPer) may not be aware exists.

I also have a YouTube channel by the same name.  I’ll be posting videos from time to time – right now I’m posting some ‘unboxing’ videos (if you don’t know what that means, check out my channel).  If you don’t know what a YouTube channel is, ask someone under 30 to show you.  There’s a lot of great information found out there besides cat videos!

Otherwise please come back and let’s see what trouble we can find for ourselves!   If you are not so nearly elderly but have a mom or crazy ol’ aunt or an older friend, bring them by to see me. We’ll have a good time. And you can stick around too!  I’m equal opportunity



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