Spice Up Your Life


Not all subscription boxes are makeup and beauty items. And they range in price from very affordable to very expensive. I wanted to share a new subscription I started with Raw Spice Bar. For the low, low price of $6.00 per month, they will send you three samples of a spice and/or spice blends from a certain region/county in the world. Just enough to try out – no worries about getting stuck with bottles of spices you might not like. And each box comes with a lovely flyer with information about the region and recipes utilizes one or more of the spices sent to you.

I’m just now reviewing October because we had a bit of an issue getting the subscription to me. However, “Rebecca”, at Raw Spice Bar was very helpful and voila – I have October’s spices. For that month, the location was Malaysia.

I know nothing about Malaysian food, so this was fun to get the package in the mail. Since it’s just spices, it just comes in a brown envelope


Inside, I had the informational brochure, along with three envelopes of spices. Each one describes the spice/spice blend and lists all the ingredients.

image image

I haven’t tried out the recipes yet but I plan to. All the spices smell wonderful and I’m sure I will find some new favorites. What a great way to discover the flavors and tastes of different countries! I look forward to more spice adventures!

image image image




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