Matcha, Matcha Man…


Do you like green tea? I like green tea. I always think how pretty the pale green is and the mild taste and all the health benefits they say are part of drinking green tea.

If you do, get ready to get your green tea socks blown off!! I had never really heard of “Matcha” tea. So, when I was given an opportunity to try it for free, I said yes. I received a tin  for review from Midori Springs of their organic, premium, green tea powder.


Matcha is green tea but in a powder form. So, instead of steeping a teabag in water you actually add water to ground green tea. It’s the same tea they use in those Japanese tea ceremonies.

The ‘real’ way to prepare it is very soothing. You heat the water and then pour some water into your drinking vessel (they use a bowl like vessel – I happen to have something that looks a bit like one so I used it).


You then drain the water out and dry the bowl.

Then you put a bit of the powder in the bowl (there’s a special utensil for that but I didn’t have one so used a tea spoon).


Then pore a bit of water in and using a bamboo whisk (which, again I didn’t have so I did try to improvise), swoosh a bit and then add the rest of the water.  You swoosh it until it develops a bit of a green foam on top and there’s no bits on the side of the bowl. Once that’s done, you’re ready.


You should only be putting in 2-3 oz of water in the cup so this is not like drinking some big ol’ mug of hot chocolate. This is a 4-5 gulp experience.

I’ll tell you both the color and the taste is very green! I was a bit hesitant that it would taste like one of those icky kale shakes. But it was actually not bitter and rather nice tasting. I was told it might be an acquired taste (aka icky until you get used to it) but I found it pleasant. It didn’t taste as strong as it smelled. And it wasn’t bitter. They said not to use boiling water – let it cool a bit and that helps the bitterness.  You can always add a little honey or a little more water if it’s stronger than you like.  But I think you will like it by itself.


Why drink this tea vs regular green tea? From what I understand, this version of green tea has way, way more of the attributes of green tea, such as antioxidants. You can look online and see an entire list of properties of Matcha tea.

It is more expensive than the green tea in a teabag. But it’s something you might want to try. Just the ritual of preparing the tea is nice because it involves slowing down to prepare the tea. So many times we just want to plug that K-Cup into our Keurig to get out the door in the morning. This is a really nice way to slow down and just be in the moment, while drinking something that’s actually good for you.

You can find Midori Springs Matcha Tea on Amazon or just go here to Midori Spring’s website:


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