Wowza! That’s a Mouthful


So, my latest hobby is reviewing items and trying new and old familiar items.  One of the companies I use is Crowdtap. Mostly they have polls and surveys but you can also receive items from their sponsors to review. I was asked to try Listerine  Cool Mint Antiseptic mouthwash.    They sent me a large bottle to try.  Not some little sample!

Now, I remember Listerine from my youth. It was the ‘gold’ Listerine and honestly – it was nasty!  It was mediciny and strong and probably what moonshine tastes like.   So, I wasn’t sure about this review opportunity.

The first morning I think I used too much because my mouth was on fire within 10 seconds. The flavor was much better but it’s still 20+% alcohol.  The next day I used about half the amount and it was much better.

If you’re not used to it, you may have work up to the recommended 30 seconds of swishing like I did. But it really does leave your mouth feeling great. It has changed my mind about using Listerine.

If you want to try Crowdtap, just go to  (@crowdtap)  and of course you can find Listerine at (@listerine)



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