I’m late with this review – I fought a stomach flu and the stomach flu won!  But I’m back on my feet, so to speak!

As a nearly elderly person, I am always looking for skincare items that will help me achieve the fountain of youth.  Ok, that hasn’t happened.  But I do look for items that will help my skin feel good and look as good as it can.   Earlier this year I tried a product, an eye serum, from a line called Valentia.  Valentia uses really great botanicals and essential oils and I was really impressed.  So, a month ago they asked if I would like to try their face serum for free in exchange for my honest review.  Who can say ‘no’ to free????  So, I’ve been using this product for the past month.

I love the way Valentia’s products feel – very silky and this product has a light, citrusy scent.  I’m sure that’s the essential oil.  While I haven’t seen the dramatic results I did with their eye serum, this is a wonderful little serum and leaves my face soft and just a little lifted (you won’t look like you were attacked by Botox or anything).

I appreciate more natural ingredients on my skin and I really think Valentia has a lovely line of skincare items that feel good, are better for you than a lot of skincare out there and actually deliver improvement to the look and texture of your skin.

If you are interested in purchasing Valentia, you can find their items on Amazon and particularly you can find their Revitalizing, Lift Serum here:


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