Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid


As you know, I belong to several groups that send out free products to test and review. One of those is BzzAgent. About a month ago, they sent me a full size of the Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid. It’s an exfoliate but not the type with the little beads or crushed this or that. No, this one is just like a clear liquid. But it works just like other exfoliates.

They say It’s the one product Paula* herself can’t live without, and it’s gaining a cult following.

Because of the pH level that this BHA product is formulated at (and apparently most other BHA products are not), Paula’s Choice 2% BHA is able to better penetrate pores, improve skin texture – all that good stuff!

For those of us who are ‘nearly elderly’ our youth is always with us if we had bad skin as a kid (those enlarged pores, scarring, etc) just seem to go hand in hand with lines and bad textured skin.

But this product has helped me diminish the look of those large pores and refined my skin over the last month. Some folks might feel a little tingle but it doesn’t leave your skin red or irritated. You don’t rinse it off. Just use it as part of your daily skin routine.

Now, if you go looking for this you will see it doesn’t come cheap! But not to worry – I have a special code for you to use so you, my nearly elderly friend, can save some money!! Just go to

Enter PRBHA16 when prompted and save 20%!

*to learn more about Paula and her team


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